Preliminary We are introducing conceptual assumptions concerning the project of granting new functions to complexes in Central Olsztyn currently serving as a remand prison, developed during numerous meetings and discussions in the intellectual and artistic circles of Olsztyn and its regions, have been presented in a letter submitted to the President of Olsztyn, Czesław Jerzy Małkowski, as a complex program which is to lead to the formation of Olsztyn's Home of Art. The primary assumption was to restore the proper function of the city's center, in order for it to serve its townspeople. Penitentiaries are usually to be found in the outskirts of towns, and this is also the way it was in Olsztyn in the 19th century. Post-war history changed this logic - and the place has retained its use, despite the city's dynamic development.
            First of all, the concept of OLSZTYN'S HOME OF ART (provisional name) assumes such use of the space available (keeping in mind that it is a limited amount of space), so that it could combine the functions of a modern, friendly, interdisciplinary art gallery, a place of literary meetings, and an intimate theatrical, musical and cabaret stage, as well as a variety of workplaces open to artists of all kinds.
            Secondly, in mind of these assumptions, the city's native artists are to have access to OLSZTYN'S HOME OF ART, becoming its "caretakers", and be allowed to co-create the program, and therefore have influence on the definitive profile and character of the complex. By presenting the work of our artists, OLSZTYN'S HOME OF ART will become, first of all, a specific platform in the promotion of their accomplishments. Secondly, thanks to contacts with institutions, artists and artists' associations, both from the country and abroad, (also as part of the international cultural exchange between partnership cities) OLSZTYN'S HOME OF ART will become a place for interesting meetings between Olsztyn's audience and artists from around the world. A few basic forms of activities of OLSZTYN'S HOME OF ART have been foreseen:

                    - LOUNGE AND PUBLISHING HOUSE

            In its offer, OLSZTYN'S HOME OF ART will include individual and collective art exhibitions, which will serve as a wide, deep presentation of Olsztyn's artistic circles, as well as of interesting artists from all over the country, and also, thanks to the international program of cultural exchange, the promotion of European culture and art. Its heart will be the Laboratory of Art: an open workplace holding workshops in various art disciplines. The Gallery will have a permanent exhibition (continually being added to), a presentation of Olsztyn's Collection of Modern Art (provisional name). Its expansion will be the Art Archive, an electronic center for the documentation of our region's art (resources, galleries, collections, exhibitions, artists, artistic projects…).
            Moving on, the SCENE OF OLSZTYN'S HOME OF ART with the capacity to fit 200-300 people, will be the place for literary songs, the cabaret, monodramas, and cozy meetings with classical music, jazz, the blues, or literary discussions and meetings. Concerts should be registered and immediately made accessible to the public on CDs, as "hot live" music. It is being foreseen that, with time, this form of activity will evolve towards the creation of a professional recording studio. The SCENE will be linked with the LITERARY AUDITORIUM - a place where writers and poets will meet with the public, and so a few middle-sized audiovisual rooms, for lectures and meetings with authors.
          An integral element of the activities of OLSZTYN'S HOME OF ART should be the LOUNGE (bookshop - gallery), offering a wide range of publications promoting our region, its culture and artists:
            - small art forms (paintings, pastels, graphics, jewelry, ceramics, etc.),
            - CDs and music labels, as well as our own recorded concerts,
            - poetry and prose
            - artistic and wildlife photography,
            - albums, catalogs, almanacs and guides,
            - small, printed artistic forms (stationary, postcards, etc.),
            - publications regarding the region,
            - tickets to cultural events in the city.

          Small printed artistic forms should become an important element co-creating the LOUNGE, forming the beginnings of its own publishing house. The LOUNGE is first of all a separate, autonomic commerce area, also functioning as a café, or tearoom. What will make the place special will be its offer: a collection of every publication concerning our region, and especially its culture, all in one place.